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The Facts About Outsourcing, Mr. Obama!


The Obama campaign is making a big deal about 0utsourcing jobs, so let’s look at the facts, shall we? When Obama placed a moratorium on oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico after the BP oil spill, a  number of floating oil drilling rigs went to Brazil, taking their crews and expertise with them. Outsourcing? Obama allowed his buddy, General Electric CEO Jefferey Immelt, to send GE’s entire X-ray machine division to CHINA, and not one peep from the Obama administration? The Keystone Pipeline’s jobs and oil have been outsourced to Canadian workers and China.  Obama also “outsourced” $2 BILLION  of our tax money to Brazil to help them with their oil industry while  the U.S. sits on more oil reserves than all the oil in the Middle East combined. Outsourcing? Obama gives tens of millions of American taxpayer dollars to a “green energy” automotive company to build an auto plant in the United States. The plant, unfortunately, went to Ireland, taking jobs and our money with it! Outsourcing ?

Obama is considering the LOST treaty with the United Nations, which would take control of about one third of the world’s sea lanes out of the U.S. Navy’s operational command. Essentially, he is outsourcing our military jobs to the UN and putting a large number of our sailors out of a job, plus the jobs lost in shipyards that maintain the ships that would be “mothballed”! Outsourcing? Mr. Obama?

Obama CANNOT talk about is economic, foreign, or domestic policy failures, so he resorts to throwing up a lot of smoke and mirrors at Mitt Romney to hide his own dismal record. Romney is being portrayed as the “evil villain” who would make unemployment WORSE by outsourcing jobs, when his record in business is exactly the opposite. The Obama propaganda machine has said that Romney’s business experience doesn’t qualify him for the Presidency. But your INEXPERIENCE does qualify you though, Mr. Obama?

In case you didn’t notice Mr. Obama, America is one BIG business. Our FREE MARKET system is the envy of the world and has made this country the most wealthy and prosperous in world history. If you and your zombie minions weren’t in such a hurry to destroy our FREE MARKET system and replace it with the proven failure of SOCIALISM, you might wake up to that fact. I do find the concentration of all your campaign’s energy on outsourcing a hoot! If Americans are fair and compare your record with Mitt Romney’s, they will throw you to the curb and elect a man who does know how to really save and create jobs.

I would like to see you DEBATE Mr. Romney face-to-face about the issues that are affecting Americans right now. No rumors, no unfounded accusations, no mud, no dirt,  just the facts. Trying to portray Mitt Romney as a “felon” is ridiculous to the extreme because until you and your Attorney General answer the questions about who knew and authorized operation “Fast & Furious”, you, sir, are under a serious cloud of wrongdoing. A man died because of that plan, Mr. Obama, and you can’t outsource the truth. Man up!

Photo credit: Dan Jacobs (Creative Commons)

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