The ever-changing Obama nativity story


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In another month or so, millions will be reading the Nativity story – the one so well-chronicled by gospel-writer Luke.

It’s amazing to me that the details of a birth that took place nearly 2,000 years ago are so precise – complete with genealogical records dating back eons.

Yet, today, even the most basic birth information about the man occupying arguably the most powerful office in the world is murky – and ever-changing.

Nevertheless, if you dare to ask questions about Barack Obama’s birth, even questions about facts required to establish his constitutional eligibility for office, you will be pilloried, ridiculed, written off as a wacko, characterized as a “fringe” extremist, even labeled a “racist.”

What raises this issue for me, again, is the fact that even Barack and Michelle Obama are telling two entirely contradictory stories about his birth – and even this raises no questions in the minds of uniformly unquestioning media types.

In case you missed it, Michelle Obama stated at a public event last year during the campaign that Barack Obama’s mother was unmarried when she gave birth.

Now, I don’t really care, except for the fact that Barack Obama has told a different story – in his autobiography and elsewhere.

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