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Does anyone know how many times Obama has himself said that he is indeed a Muslim?  Obama having celebrated Ramadan in the White House these past four years is another clear clue.

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I think that it might be about time that we believe him in this rare instance and take him for his word.  However this represents another problem, one that we will not ever be able to overcome. Why? Because Islam permits lying!  It is called Al-taqiyya, which means dissimulation, diplomacy and deception.

Muslims lie, not because they are natural born liars, but by choice.  Systemic lying, as a religious policy, is deadly, and unfortunately none of our elected Congressional Representatives appear to understand that.

Muslims lie when it is in their interest to do so and Allah will not hold them accountable for lying, when it is beneficial to further the cause of Islam. A lie in defense of Islam, or a lie to further the cause of Islam is not only approved by Allah, it is held in high esteem, and the bigger the lie, the greater the recognition by Allah for the liar.

Muslims while lying might appear to be sincere, the truth is that they are sincere, when they lie to further their cause, or for their own protection.  In order for them to be able to be effective recruiting more converts, to follow Islam, they will lie about everything, and anything.

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One of the main reasons why our military cannot ever expect to win in a war against Muslims is that the only sure way that a Muslim can end up with 72 virgin’s, is if he dies, as in martyrdom, while “taking out” unbelievers in the name of Islam.  Those thoughts, and ideas are ingrained into them at birth, and as such, they have absolutely no regard for any innocent lives; that they take, just as long as they take those lives from non-believers, that refuse, if and when asked, to convert to Islam.

Muslim’s have one clear objective in mind, and that objective is world domination.  The Middle East is now closer to being dominated by radical Muslim extremists than it ever has been before, and there is only one man that has supported the Muslim Brotherhood movement and allowed them to assume power in so many Muslim countries, and that man is none other than President Barack Hussein Obama.

Muslim’s are not permitted by Allah to kill, or to order the killing of another Muslim, and according to Allah a Muslim must do anything and everything that they possibly can to protect another Muslim. That clearly explains why Obama and his Administration never refer to terrorists or their terrorist acts as being associated with Muslims. A perfect example of this is what happened with Major Nidal Hassan at Fort Hood.

Although Major Hassan was screaming “Allah Akbar” as he was murdering and wounding American servicemen in cold blood, the Obama Administration refused to call his act as having been committed as Muslim terrorism, and instead renamed what transpired as a result of “workplace violence.” Once again, a Muslim must do anything and everything that they can to protect another Muslim, including never lying to another Muslim, as dictated by the Prophet Mohammad, unless it furthers the cause of Islam.

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