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America is dead. Rest in peace. Unfortunately, that peace will not happen because the tolling bell signals the end of lofty ideals, of amazing accomplishments, of global leadership, and most importantly, of dreams. You may question my declaration of death, but let’s look at the facts.

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Congress is more interested in professional athletes taking steroids than in passing laws or even making a budget. The Department of Justice will not enforce laws that have been properly passed. Our courts make judgments based on political ideology instead of the law. The President signs executive orders that have the effect of law. Government agencies have regulations that have the effect of law. And local governments are so intrusive that they go so far to dictate the size of a drink that a citizen can buy. Where is an American supposed to turn for relief? All of government is prescribing control over most Americans, and this control is choking us as a people and has killed America. I am not even sure of this country’s name any more because it cannot be called the UNITED States of America, since the Federal government has snubbed Arizona. My country is self-inflicted with the same problems that caused our ancestors to revolt against England. Where a government that didn’t understand and didn’t listen made laws and taxes for those that were not cared for. Once again, “Taxation without representation” should be a call to every patriot as America strives to redistribute hard-earned money and wastes much that it does not redistribute. Free people are hard to control. So our government has decided to take away our freedom. America is dead.

The land of the free is not free. That is because it is hard to control a free people. Every government on earth derives the right to govern from their citizens. Granted, in some countries, the citizens do not willingly give up their freedom, and they are forced to accept the government. Every American gives up a portion of their freedom for the stability and order that our government provides through the establishment of laws. In exchange, we are supposed to be provided laws that do not impinge our freedom further and represent the needs and desires that are best for the nation. The attack on our freedom has been insidious and unrelenting, and the attack has come from within our very own borders. Our current government has forfeited it’s right to govern Americans through the establishment of laws and regulations that clearly focus on special interest groups that represent agendas that are not for the good of the entire country, are intrusive on every aspect of our freedom, and are not desired by a majority of the American citizens. Our Bill of Rights amends the Constitution to ensure the rights of Americans. The First Amendment in the Bill of Rights is the first for a reason; it covers four freedoms that our forefathers experienced either the loss of or suppression of in Europe or in America from English control. The freedom of Religion was so important to our forefathers that it is the very first part of the First Amendment… “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” And yet our government has passed laws demanding Christians take actions that are counter to their faith. Every American, regardless of faith, should be concerned with this chosen direction by our country. The most basic right to believe and act on those beliefs is being attacked. The Second Amendment gives Americans “the right of the people to keep and bear arms”, the intent of which is very clear. Yet the current government surreptitiously attempted to attack this right through the Fast and Furious operation, the ultimate goal of which was to attack the freedom to own firearms, and our executive branch that is trying to use international treaties to take our right of gun ownership away. Why should our own government attack our freedom? Is it to protect our country, or the government that has failed our country?

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