The Dark Empire of the United Nations


The United Nations, which continues uninterrupted to promote itself as the world’s infallible, fuzzy warm blanket is, in reality, a fetid swamp with everything that grows there poisonous to the outside world.

Its original homestead was an abattoir where the squeals of animals being led to slaughter could be heard on a piece of land donated by the Rockefellers

When the League of Nations collapsed in 1939, its heir apparent the UN sold the entire world a bill of goods. It grew like the proverbial Topsy to become bureaucracy on steroids and by the time anyone realized it, it was already too late.

Well hidden under the spin of altruism, the United Nations now dominates most facets of everyday human life.

Aside from sporadic reports of the inordinate amount of rapes carried out by UN Peace Keepers in Africa and the Oil for Food scandal, many perpetrators of which were never brought to justice, what has the UN ever done to improve the world besides talk about saving it?

Read More at Canada Free Press. By Judi McLeod.


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