The Dangerous Left-Wing Hatemongering from Media Matters


Eric Boehlert of Media Matters is the worst kind of American. In fact, it’s hard to count him as an American at all except by accident of birth. It is plain that this Boehlert fellow is against many aspects of the American tradition chief of which is freedom of political speech. Well, perhaps, he’s not entirely against that freedom. Instead he’s against that freedom for anyone that isn’t in wholesale agreement with him and his left-wing cronies.

One of his September postings on the extremist, anti-American website stands as exhibit “A” in the proof of his anti-Americanism, his utter lack of historical knowledge, his uncivil attitude, and his desire to shut down those that disagree with him. It all goes to prove that Eric Boehlert seems to be little else than a fascist.

The left’s newest meme against anyone that disagrees with it is to say that all conservatives are “dangerous” to the county. It is said in leftist circles that anyone with a conservative viewpoint is only a hairsbreadth away from committing violence against the U.S.A., its government, and citizens. Because of this, the left claims, conservatives have somehow become dangerous.

Sadly, these assumptions are exactly the sort of charge that they used to rail against conservative minded Americans for thinking of them. But introspection is not the sort of mood the extreme left is in today. Today they are in a fearmongering, hate-filled mode because for the first time in a generation they have the taste of power in their mouths. They are the ones in a position to say what should or should not be done as a matter of policy. They’ve become “the man.”

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