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With all of the shootings of late, gun control activists are calling for stripping the right to bear arms from the responsible citizen. Several deranged individuals acted out in a violent manner against their fellow citizens in an orgy of killings that would make any one’s blood run cold. Two of the incidents have been termed “Domestic Terrorism”, but the shooting in Fort Bragg of 13 service men and women was determined to be “workplace violence”. I guess the service man’s workplace is the entire world. At least under this administration, it appears to be. They will do anything not to offend anyone of the Muslim faith. I am not saying that all Muslims are violent, but I am saying that all violence committed against us by foreigners in the last decade or so has been done by militant Muslims. Some homegrown terrorists have been persuaded by so-called “holy men” to maim and kill the citizens of their adopted country. Where were the gun control activists under these circumstances? Probably, they were hiding behind their hastily constructed security arrangements to keep them out of the line of fire.

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It is true that in an election cycle such as this, with the White House, 1/3 of the Senate, and House being up for grabs on Election Day (November 6), the incumbents and appointees of this administration would rather sit quietly and not rock the boat on polarizing issues. I don’t expect anything of substance to be done before the election. All of the ongoing investigations are just that. They are ongoing and will probably not see the light of day until after Obama and his appointees are purged from office. Of course, that doesn’t stop the anti-gun lobby from demanding that guns should be stripped from legal gun owners to prevent further tragic events. I wonder how many legal gun owners were involved in the 40+ murders that occurred in Chicago last week. The anti-gun fanatics are waging a fear campaign to convince the public that removing the guns from everyday citizens will make our streets safer for women and children. I don’t think that will fly in areas where gangs run roughshod over the citizenry and the police that are sworn to protect them.

Another example of misguided rancor is what is transpiring around the country, but especially in New York. In light of the recent tragic occurrences in Aurora, Colorado; Oak Creek, Wisconsin; and other areas around the country, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has called for laws to institute strict gun control now. Legislators and pundits bought and paid for by the anti-gun lobby are calling for stricter gun laws as a way to stop gun violence, not realizing that stricter gun laws only remove guns from law-abiding citizens and place even more guns in the hands of gang-bangers and others who exploit our laws. Equally misguided, even though he may be well meaning, are the recent actions of Dan Gross, President of the Brady Campaign (James S. Brady was Press secretary to President Reagan and was shot in the head at the same time President Reagan was shot by John Hinkley Jr.) to Prevent Gun Violence, who has been appealing to the public’s emotions with graphic visions of “reoccurring American gun violence” and a plea to end gun ownership for our everyday citizens.

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