The Conspiracy Theory of all Conspiracy Theories?


Photo Credit: knowhimonline (Creative Commons)

Conspiracy theory: this term has become more widely used and understood recently as “information” about what really happened during certain events or at certain times in history that have come to light.
The funny thing seems to be that more often than not the “official story” or “talking points” that are put out by the news media, government spokesperson, and so on seem increasingly to be the real “conspiracy theories!” What are billed to us by these same talking heads as “conspiracy theorists”, ” tinfoil hats” and so on are often the ones who are dispensing the REAL FACTS. We know this is not the case 100% of the time but I think we can agree that, especially in recent history, this seems more frequently to be the case.
Let’s first take a look at two cases of this phenomenon straight out of today’s headlines to prove the point and then we will look at quite possibly “The greatest conspiracy theory ever”.
Case number 1.

“Official Story”

Two lone “Muslim terrorists” placed a simple bomb made of a pressure cooker into a backpack and planted it at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Afterward they apparently robbed a 7-11 convenience store, got in a gun battle with police, the younger brother ran over the older brother in an attempt to escape, the younger brother then gets in a second gun battle with police where he was trapped inside of a boat and then in an apparent suicide attempt shoots himself in the throat!
WOW, that sounds like something straight out of Hollywood! As it turns out, it might be just that.
Read more at PP Simmons. By Brandon Gallups.
Photo Credit: knowhimonline (Creative Commons)


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