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Back when rumors about President Obama being a Muslim raised their head momentarily in the mainstream media, Obama blamed the 24/7 news cycle and all the “noise” that is disseminated via the media.

Translation: America is too stupid to differentiate truth from fiction.

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Of course it had nothing to do with the fact that his Indonesian grammar school records said he was a Muslim. That he had travelled to a Muslim country—Pakistan—while in between terms of Occidental and Columbia University (more than likely with an Indonesian passport) and happened to omit this until August of 2008 as part of his life narrative. Or that he said he was a Muslim, and if Obama operative George Stephanopoulos hadn’t been on hand to correct his “mistake,” it would have gone on the official record. Or that as soon as he ascended to the presidency he went on an American apology tour to Muslim countries. Of course the answer to why America believes Obama is a Muslim is that, America has, like anything else, looked at the facts, and has come to a decision. That this “noise” exists whereby rational people can’t make reasonable decisions could be translated into: America consists of extremely stupid, extremely gullible people, who will believe whatever they hear. This comes as no surprise to those who believe Mr. Obama is, along with being a Muslim, a socialist.

One of the premises of the brand of socialism that Obama subscribes to—incremental socialism—is that stupid people need to be helped by elites. Other premises: 1. That people are oppressed by the rich. 2. That they are too stupid to realize they are being oppressed. 3. That even if most of the masses did realize they were being oppressed, they are too stupid to do anything about it. 4. An enlightened group of intellectuals, politicians, and union officials will have to, through spoon feeding a series of reforms in government form the basis for an eventual socialist utopia after an economic collapse (more on this in a moment).

Of course these elites must have a general. Enter Barack Hussein Obama, presented to the American people as a moderate, as a savant in all things political, economic, and theological. Behind the curtain is Obama the radical, who has surrounded himself, since at least the mid-1980s with socialists and communists; has surrounded himself with individuals, like Peter Dreier and Frances Fox Piven, not to mention people in ACORN, that subscribe to a “break the bank” theory, whereby socialism/communism is ushered in not by revolution, but by a huge entitlement  (and now bailout/Green loan) society, with the “progressive” policies in place, that collapses the economic system.  And when those entitlements and bailouts are cut off, the beneficiaries are cut off, and the elites, bureaucrats and unions step in to appease the rioting mob, and create a system of perfect economic equality.

This is what is happening in Greece and this is what Obama and his cronies want to happen in the United States. America has tipped over the $16 trillion debt cliff with endless Stimulus,“Green” loans, bailouts and entitlement expansion, and is now calling for more of the same. The Stimulus is nothing more than money laundering, whereby “Stimulus” money and bailouts, given to the states and GM, goes back into the coffers of the unions, which then come back to Obama in the form of Democrat donation. We also now know the Green loans have been shown to have gone primarily to 2008 Obama bundlers.

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