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The Battle for our Republic!


Many of those who enjoy reading my articles have asked why I haven’t been writing lately. The answer is quite simple. After a year and half on the road defending Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker and our Republic under God, I ran out of income to sustain my travels, thus my full-time work at a local Academy and part-time work at a local College.

BUT, I have not given up the Battle to stop Obama and his radical progressive, socialist, and Marxist followers from destroying our great Republic! Throughout the week and on weekends, I have been speaking across Wisconsin and the Mid-West proclaiming Liberty to anyone who will listen and take action. While Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have re-energized the Republican base and attracted many conservatives and independents, we must taken nothing for granted all the way up to November 6th!

And even if we win, we must continue to educate, promulgate, and disseminate the limited government, conservative, Christian, free enterprise, and limited government values and ideas that are the lifeblood of what makes our Nation the greatest form of government the world has ever seen.

God forbid, but if Obama wins, he will accelerate America’s socialistic slouching to Gomorrah. A Romney-Ryan victory does not mean that the “Cultural and Political War” to destroy our Republic under God is over. Far from it!

Secular-socialistic-progressive Left Wing Statism has so permeated our society that it will be a perpetual battle to stop their pernicious controlling ways from destroying the Liberties we cherish so much.

After traveling Wisconsin defending our Great Governor from the Union Re-Call Mobocrats, anarchists, socialists, spoiled teachers, and other radicals, I have spent my time traveling Wisconsin and the Mid-West with WI Senator Ron Johnson, ex-WI Governor Tommy Thompson and a myriad of other conservative candidates. I have been to Tea Party Rallies too numerous to mention and organizations like Wisconsin Family Council, Americans for Prosperity, the Heritage Foundation, CPAC, Family Research Council, Stand Up for Religious Freedom etc. etc. etc…..

I am tired, very tired.

BUT, like Senator Ron Johnson told the audience at CPAC-Chicago in June and to me last week at our Thunder In the Valley Rally in Oshkosh, Wisconsin: “TOUGH!” He’s right. Tough. We are in WAR!

About the time I think I cannot drive another mile, speak another word, or knock on another door, I see the bloody feet and bodies of our brave soldiers at Valley Forge, the Battle of the Bulge, Iwo Jima, etc. I remember the sacrifice made by many Patriots of their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor; and I quietly get back in my car and then stand up to the podium encouraging more Patriots to join me in knocking on more doors and speaking to more neighbors “proclaiming Liberty throughout the land and unto the inhabitants thereof!”

Take nothing for granted, stay the course, continue to work hard, and do whatever you can to help save our Nation. Hopefully we can all celebrate on the eve of November 6th and get up the next day still trusting in God to help us restore our Shining Republic upon a Hill. Godspeed to you all!

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