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Ted Cruz Needed Just One Line To Perfectly Highlight Obama’s Despicable Betrayal Of America’s Allies

"It is as simple as that!"


Turkey, defined by a pronounced presence of Islamic terrorism, nonetheless remains on the list of nations the Obama administration feels should receive arms shipments from the U.S.

According to a recent World Tribune report, legislators have made it clear that the idea of selling weapons to the devolving country is a bad idea. Administration sources, however, confirm that there is no plan to halt an upcoming shipment of 145 air-to-air missiles and 40 rocket launchers.

Marie Harf of the State Department cited the fact that Turkey remains a NATO ally as a reason the U.S. should continue to arm the increasingly volatile nation.

“We think it’s important to provide our NATO allies with resources,” she said. “We think that’s an important use of our resources.”

Many lawmakers, including Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, vehemently disagree – especially considering the administration’s recent decision to call off a delivery of weapons to Israel and subject future shipments to increased oversight.

The outspoken conservative posed the question to his Twitter followers, evoking varied responses generally following the common narrative that Obama is not especially concerned with protecting America’s closest Middle Eastern ally.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore (Flickr)


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