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Teacher threatens, insults honor student wearing pro-GOP shirt


A math teacher in Pennsylvania reportedly threatened to assault a high school student who dared to wear a shirt supporting Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

Reports indicate that the teacher told the honor student she attended a “Democratic school” and equated her shirt with the wardrobe of the Ku Klux Klan. The teacher then allegedly threatened to mark out the names of Romney and running mate Paul Ryan with a marker.

Hopefully, this math teacher will serve as a substitute history teacher, since it’s readily apparent that her beloved Democrats were almost exclusively the ones donning a KKK sheet.

The 16-year-old student recalled the teacher telling her to “get out of the classroom.” She said she refused and the teacher “told me to take off my shirt and said that she has another one if I need one.”

She explained the entire incident was incredibly embarrassing, as one might imagine. A typical student that age does not want to be so harshly criticized, especially from a teacher. The student reportedly told her parents she did not even want to return to the school. Honestly, who could blame her?

The teacher ultimately made a paltry apology, claiming the statements were meant as a joke.

“It was funny to her,” the student said, “but I was really embarrassed.”

Calling into question the allegation her comments were made in jest, the student’s father said the teacher left the classroom and returned with other teachers and students to point and ridicule her.

Evidently, this student really is the only GOP-friendly individual at the school, considering the fact other students in the class continued the vicious attack started by her teacher.

According to her father’s account, students asked, “How can you do this to our teacher? Why don’t you like Obama? We all like Obama.”

The girl was reportedly relegated to hiding from the teacher and gang of taunting classmates in a restroom.

By all accounts, this teacher is not only blatantly partisan but unbelievable cruel to anyone espousing a different viewpoint.

Conservatives can complain all we want about the leftist agenda most public school teachers push, but this incident does more to make our point than we ever could.

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