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I spent two memorable hours with my old teacher. What a joy to learn about his life, from his childhood as the youngest of 14 kids to his quiet, book-filled retirement. Every minute was precious and memorable. For me, it was Christmas a few days early. I wish that every one of you could have an experience comparable to this. Maybe you can. If it isn’t too late—if your favorite and/or influential teacher is still in this world—I encourage you to try to track him or her down. It means a lot to teachers to be remembered by their pupils; and from the pupil’s point of view, it can be joyfully rewarding to express appreciation for one whose work has benefited or blessed you.

Hats off to all of you dedicated, talented teachers out there. Your impact has been greater than you realize. Thank you for your work in one of the noblest of professions. You are appreciated!

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