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Tea Party to Arizona: Check Obama’s Eligibility


Evoking an overlooked provision of state law, Arizona tea party groups are circulating a petition urging a chamber of the state legislature to pass a resolution that would force Arizona’s secretary of state to examine Barack Obama’s birth credentials.

The law does not require a signature from Gov. Jan Brewer, who previously vetoed a bill that would have required Secretary of State Ken Bennett to ensure Obama is eligible for Arizona’s 2012 ballot.

Brian Reilly, co-chairman of a gathering of tea party groups held Saturday at the Church on the Green in Sun City West, Ariz., said the strategy is to “force the hand” of Bennett “without requiring the Arizona legislature to pass a bill in both houses and to get the governor’s signature.”

Reilly said the petition serves as a “command for the Arizona secretary of state to perform,” which would require Obama to submit eligibility documentation even if Arizona never passes an eligibility statute.

As WND previously reported, Sheriff Arpaio and lead investigator Mike Zullo of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office addressed the joint tea party meeting, explaining the evidence behind the sheriff’s conclusion that there is probable cause that Barack Obama’s birth certificate and his Selective Service registration form are forged.

Read More at WND By Jerome R. Corsi.

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