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by Don Feder,


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On December 18, Osama bin Laden was sitting in a cave somewhere in Pakistan laughing his jihadist ass off. That’s the day the lame-duck Congress (John Adams: Three or more worthless men are a Congress) sacrificed national security to the gods of a spurious equality.

The pro-family movement has been steadily losing ground for years, even as we piled up victory after victory at the ballot box. It’s like the title of Patrick Buchanan’s book – “Conservative Votes, Liberal Victories.” We win at the polls; they win in Congress, in the courts and in the culture. If this continues, the Culture War will become a Culture Rout.

Politics is often a game of who-do-you-fear-the-most. The pragmatists, the “mavericks,” the oh-goodness-gracious-somebody’s-going-to-call-me-a-homophobe Republicans must be taught an object lesson – good, hard and fast.

Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, a Lady Gaga Republican, is the perfect candidate for a shock-and-awe campaign. His vote to sodomize the military, by repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, should be his political obituary, writ in 24-point type.

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Brown pleaded for conservative support in the January 19 special election to fill Ted Kennedy’s Senate Seat. (Given the way things turned out, the enormous Ted must be smiling from that Au Bar in the sky.) The man who promised to be the 41st vote against Obama’s insanity has become an enabler.

In a candidate questionnaire produced by the Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI), Brown solemnly pledged to support retention of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. As the showdown approached, he said he would vote for repeal only after a vigorous debate. (There was none.) Further, Brown promised he’d only endorse the utopian measure after the Budget Proposal passed. (It didn’t.) That’s three lies.

MFI, whose PAC went to the wall for Brown less than a year ago, said the Senator and seven other GOP sellouts “broke ranks with their party on a fundamental issue of national security and that of the men and women who put themselves in harm’s way to protect our homeland.”

A little more than 11 months ago, while Tea-Partiers and social conservatives were celebrating the election of what they believed to be the first conservative Republican sent to the Senate from Massachusetts in a geologic age, the homoerotic left was maneuvering to turn our votes into its victory.

As Mass Resistance reports, at a March conference in Somerville, Mass., the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN) began working on its strategy to subvert the will of the people.

Thereafter, the DC-based Human Rights Campaign arranged for Massachusetts’ ingénue Senator to meet with gay servicemen, all with a tale of woe to tell. According to the Department of Defense, of the service personnel discharged in 2008, 7 times more were separated for weight problems (4,555) than for homosexuality (634).

But like a rube at a sideshow carnival, Brown accepted it all with wide-eyed credulity. MassEquity (sodomy is a civil liberty) delivered thousands of postcards to the Senator’s Boston office.

Did it ever dawn on Brown that these folks are as likely to support him as the Service Employees International Union? Scotty could march in Boston’s annual gay pride parade the way he was attired in that Cosmo centerfold and the LGBT left would still back the Democratic nominee.

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