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Tea Party Kills $1 Trillion Bill — But Don’t Rest Yet


Both Republicans and Democrats agree on one thing: The Tea Party deserves credit for killing the Democrats’ $1.27 trillion spendfest and power grab. After realizing he lacked enough Republican or Democratic votes, Harry Reid withdrew the bill last night. As tempted as conservatives may be to pat themselves on the back and celebrate more important things, like Christmas, we must not rest. Congressional liberals have one last assault on liberty planned for this weekend.

A Tea Party Triumph

Constitutional conservatives can take heart at the withdrawal of the budget-busting bill, intended to cement the budget before the three-score new Republicans elected last month could be sworn in. Both parties agree it would have moved forward as planned without your efforts, a rare bipartisan consensus. John Hart, a spokesman for Republican Senator Tom Coburn, said the opposition to the bill was “100 percent grassroots…The American people took it down.” After Sen. Jim DeMint threatened to have the one-foot-thick bill read in its entirety, Reid realized the logistical nightmare that would surround it. The bill simply “couldn’t withstand public scrutiny,”  Hart said. Meanwhile, Reid’s spokesman Jim Manley whimpered, “Today’s maneuvers demonstrate that the House and Senate Republican leadership from here on out should be considered a wholly owned subsidiary of the Tea Party.” In Manley’s world, that’s bad.

Perhaps nothing better illustrates the difference between the progressive (read: socialist) view of government and the conservative view than this: The $1.27 trillion spending bill, which took up 1,924 pages, was replaced by a Republican bill that runs one page. With Tea Party pressure, and more than 60 new reinforcements headed to Capitol Hill with a mandate to shrink government, this author prays this scenario will play itself over many times to come.

However, this is

No Time to Relax

This weekend, Harry Reid plans one more ambush to force through his liberal agenda while he still holds the levers of power. As I predicted, they plan to vote on granting amnesty to illegal immigrants and making the U.S. military an outpost of homosexual culture. Reid plans to vote on the DREAM Act and the repeal of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. The DREAM Act would grant amnesty to perhaps 2.1 million illegal immigrants, including those convicted of as many as two misdemeanors, and grants them preference for employment and academic admission — what Rep. Dana Rohrabacher calls, “Affirmative Action Amnesty.”

The Open Borders Lobby has long asserted illegal aliens only come to this country for “jobs Americans aren’t willing to do.” But most Americans want to go to college, and they want the jobs for which a college diploma qualifies them. They do not want to have to apply with a new host of Affirmative Action applicants who have no right to be in this country in the first place. For that reason, I have argued the students eligible for the DREAM Act should be the first illegal immigrants deported, after violent criminals. Deporting all illegal immigrants would save even more money.

The Democrats have a vested interest in amnesty. They understand this will be a rich vein of new votes for their most left-wing candidates. Think hard: which state has the most illegal immigrants? Which state’s quasi-socialist economic policies have created the largest budget deficit? Which state just elected Jerry Brown governor?

Similarly, repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is a payback to a key Democratic constituency, the Homosexual Lobby. Despite organizations such as GOProud and the Log Cabin Republicans, homosexuals overwhelmingly vote for Democrats — usually by a margin of three-to-one. In the wave election of 2010, all of 31 percent voted Republican, a number The Washington Post‘s Jonathan Capehart calls “amazing” and “ominous news” for the White House. That seven-in-ten vote for Democrats even in a rout? Obama must be shaking in his chaps.

Repealing the ban on homosexuals in the military is a cause of cultural Marxists in both parties. Sen. Lisa Murkowski has vowed to vote for the measure, with Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, and Scott Brown. However, Democrats are especially committed to mainstreaming this aberrant lifestyle.

The Left has already told its supporters to flood Capitol Hill with calls, telegrams, and e-mails. Organizing for America, Barack Obama’s perpetual campaign operation, has enlisted volunteers to call liberals around the country, asking them to tell their senators to support the DREAM Act. Latinos are using a toll-free number to

Contact Our Senators.

However, conservatives who believe in our borders can as easily use the number — 1-866-996-5161 —  to tell their elected representatives to vote no on the DREAM Act and allowing open homosexuals to jump into foxholes.

The Tea Party and their conservative allies have already made history, but we cannot rest just yet. We have more battles to fight and win.

As Thomas Jefferson is said to have remarked, “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.”


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