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Tea Party Candidate Calls On GOP Rivals To Join Him In Impeachment Demand

"Where does it end?"


According to Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller, Barack Obama deserves to be impeached due to his unwillingness to enforce the nation’s immigration laws.

As Western Journalism reported, he publicly supported fellow Alaskan Sarah Palin’s call for impeachment regarding the same issue in a statement last week. Since then, reports have surfaced that Obama is considering yet another executive order that would not only prevent illegals from being deported, but would tie the hands of border agents tasked with handling the ongoing immigration crisis.

Obama’s plan would reportedly extend rights to these illegals making many virtually untouchable by law enforcement.

“We are a nation of laws,” Miller explained, “and this president continues to undermine the rule of law.”

He went on to suggest that, left unchecked, Obama would only enact even more untenable fiat decrees.

“Where does it end?” he wondered. “If he can decide which laws he will and will not enforce, can unilaterally create laws, and simply ignore congressional action, then we no longer have a democratic republic. Let’s call it what it is. It’s criminal.”

Miller suggested that Obama’s actions warrant impeachment, noting that his response to the border crisis is just the latest in a long line of abuses.

“This Administration’s refusal to respect our Constitution and the laws that our duly elected Congress enacts is beginning to resemble the ‘long train of abuses’ that the Founders said the people have a duty to resist,” he contended.

Calling for an end to “cheap talk,” Miller said Obama must be held accountable. He called on fellow Republicans – specifically those also vying for the Senate seat he hopes to occupy after the midterm elections – to take a similarly firm stance on the issue.

“I’m calling on Mr. [Mead] Treadwell and Mr. [Dan] Sullivan to join me and patriots around the country in support of impeachment,” he concluded.


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