Tea Party Asks Sheriff Joe Arpaio to Investigate Obama Birth Certificate


By Jerome Corsi

WND has received an advance copy of the letter the Surprise Tea Party in Surprise, Ariz., plans to deliver tomorrow to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio at his downtown Phoenix office, asking the lawman to investigate Barack Obama’s alleged proof of natural-born citizenship.

“The Surprise Tea Party is concerned that no established law enforcement agency or other duly constituted government agency has conducted an investigation into the Obama birth certificate to determine if it is in fact an authentic copy of 1961 birth records on file for Barack Obama at the Hawaii Department of Health in Honolulu or whether it, or they, are forgeries,” the letter addressed to Arpaio reads.

The letter in its entirety can be read here.

In addition to delivering the letter, the Surprise Tea Party is delivering to Arpaio a petition containing 242 signatures that were obtained at an evening meeting of the group last week.

They will also present a binder containing the published reports of 20 experts with established credentials who conducted forensic examination of the computer PDF file published on the White House website and the Xerox copies of the Obama birth certificate handed out by the White House to the press during an April 27, 2011, press conference.

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