Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service (Creative Commons)

Turning 50 is a major milestone in most peoples’ lives. For someone with the entitlement mentality of Michelle Obama, it can be an opportunity to waste even more taxpayer money than usual.

While she has already enjoyed yet another lengthy Hawaiian getaway with her husband and daughters, Obama was apparently not ready to return to the drudgeries of being the first lady. Instead, her family returned home without her, allowing her to continue enjoying the island alone.

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Reports indicate that, as with other such trips, the taxpayers will ultimately pick up the tab for this outrageous vacation extension. The total cost – including security and travel expenses – is expected to approach $100,000.

This is hardly the first time Michelle Obama has arrived earlier or left later than Barack during a vacation. She routinely acts as though her position gives her free reign over the nation’s revenue and, considering she has repeatedly done so without consequence, seems justified in her approach.

Her return date has not been announced and, according to a White House statement, Barack Obama allowed her to stay behind as his birthday present to her. Millions of Americans would undoubtedly cherish the ability to spend six figures of someone else’s income to purchase a loved one’s gift. Unfortunately, this is a perk reserved for our imperial president.

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Even with this extravagantly expensive solo outing in Hawaii, Michelle Obama’s celebration will still continue after she returns to D.C.

Reports this week indicate her White House birthday party will feature plenty of dancing. Guests, however, should not expect to partake in any of the gourmet delicacies regularly enjoyed by the first family.

Invitations to the shindig urge attendees to “eat before you come,” a directive many etiquette experts deem crass. Such admonitions obviously mean little to the Obamas.

Fresh from a protracted, taxpayer-funded trip to Hawaii, the birthday girl does not even plan to provide a meal to her friends and political allies as part of her continuing celebration. The selfish appearance of this extended celebration is an effective allegory for the entire Obama administration.


Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service (Creative Commons)