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by Don Feder,


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They say you get less of what you tax and more of what you subsidize. The left feels there are still too many producers in this country. But it has a solution – tax them into extinction.

Increasingly, the Democrats and their stooges sound like villains from an Ayn Rand novel – Wesley Mooch or Lee Hunsacker.

Posturing at a Democratic rally in Sarasota, Florida, last week, horror-writer Stephen King announced, “As a rich person (not to mention a monument to the public’s abysmal taste in “literature”) I pay (a) 28 percent tax. What I want to ask you is why am I not paying 50? Why isn’t anyone in my bracket paying 50 (percent)?”

Perhaps that’s because Cujo-boy isn’t paying a 28 percent federal tax.

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King has an estimated net worth of $300 million. As the author of 49 novels, which have sold over 350 million copies, royalties alone would put him in the top tax bracket of 35 percent, which starts at $373,650. But since his taxes are probably handled by a phalanx of accountants and lawyers, perhaps he can be forgiven for thinking that he and the rest of the “super-rich” pay a top-rate of 28 percent.

King, who has a B.A. in English from the University of Maine, sounds like an MBA-graduate of the Wharton School of Finance next to college-dropout and Castro-symp Michael Moore.

“This is class war,” Moore raved on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show last Wednesday, reacting to what appears to be the end of the line for the Wisconsin public-employee gravy train – which the socialist fat-cat naturally blames on “the rich.”

With a tenuous hold on reality at the best of times, Moore has become totally unhinged: “I’d like anybody who works on Wall Street, anybody who works for the banks, just take a look at (the lawlessness in Madison). This is what’s coming for you. Because the people are going to demand justice, they’re going to demand that your ass is in jail.”

The clincher came when the bloated Bolshevik announced to the malefactors of wealth, “We have a right to your money!” Although he didn’t come right out and say it, Moore probably believes he also has a right to the homes, wives, and children of the rich.

“Tax the rich,” is the Left’s favorite refrain – repeated with the mind-numbing regularity of Ahmadinejad saying “It’s all the Jews’ fault.”

  • “The rich are not paying their fair share in any nation that is facing the kind of employment issues (America currently does)” – Hillary Clinton;
  • “It’s time to restore fairness to a tax code that has been driven badly out of whack” – former Vice Presidential candidate and celebrity slut John Edwards; and
  • “We don’t have an entitlement problem. We have a revenue problem.” (Guess who we’re not looting enough?) – AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

Last, but surely not least, when he was trying to raise taxes on those he called “the wealthiest two percent of Americans” last fall, the Alinskyite in-chief claimed, “And these are folks who are less likely to spend the money (that I don’t take from them), which is why economists don’t think tax breaks for the wealthy would do much to boost the economy.” Are they going to throw it under their mattresses?

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