Talkers show up on the list of 100 most influential conservatives?


It’s become a highly anticipated event, if a somewhat head-scratching one.

Rush Limbaugh arms crossed SC

Just why a British newspaper insists upon listing the “Top 100 Most Influential American Conservatives” is bit of a mystery, but who cares why? The list is too much fun, as political junkies spend the week arguing about it online and around water coolers.

As a testament to the enduring power of conservative talk radio, a number of big name hosts made the list again this year: Sean Hannity is No. 23, Mark Levin No. 26, Laura Ingraham is No. 28 and Glenn Beck made it to No. 6 (a leap from No. 18 in 2007).

The big surprise was that Dick Cheney beat out Rush Limbaugh for the No. 1 spot. Rush is sure to have fun on the air with his “No. 2” designation, and will no doubt have something to say about the errors in his entry; for example, his 2008 election mischief was called “Operation Chaos,” not “Terror.”

The Telegraph did make a much-needed point: “the vast majority of [Rush’s] critics clearly never listen to his show.”

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