Dynamo CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson, who broke the Fast and Furious Scandal in the MSM February 23, 2011, and who was literally screamed at over the phone by DOJ spokeswoman Tracy Schmaler and White House spokesman Eric Schultz for doing so, has continued to hit hard on the government’s so-called ‘botched’ gun-walking program. On March 3, 2011 Attkisson interviewed ATF whistleblower John Dodson, and she later released secretly recorded audio from mid-March 2011, where an ATF agent and a gun store owner discuss the developing Fast and Furious scandal. The audio was secretly recorded by Lone Wolf Trading Company owner Andre Howard, who presumably tries to get the ATF agent Hope MacAllister to admit that ATF told U.S. gun dealers to sell weapons to known Mexican drug cartel straw buyers. Howard gets MacAllister to not only admit this, but along the way, McAllister also acknowledges that there is a concerted effort by DOJ, U.S. Attorney’s office, and ATF to keep the scandal out of Congressional hands. These interviews and secret audio recordings are no secret, yet the MSM has dutifully kept it out of the news, and they are provided as a context to Obama Files’ continuing ‘Tales from Fast and Furious’ video series.

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