In this second video in our series based on the recently published Fast and Furious by Katie Pavlich, Obama Files takes a detour in describing the road of death and deception. Yes, America is outraged that the Obama Administration has created a perfidious plan to disarm Americans: to attempt to curtail or even nullify the Second Amendment. But we often forget the victims of this perfidious plan. Yes, the heroes Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata are gone. Yes, hundreds of Mexican citizens and police officers have been slaughtered. But there are victims not often thought about. There is a quote that goes something like this: “Weep not for the dead, but weep for those left behind to mourn the dead.” In this video, we mourn with the living. The Terry and Zapata families. The thousands of unnamed families in Mexico that weep over and over again, every day, for their deaths are in the hundreds, if not thousands. We will weep when they weep. Mourn when they mourn. But we also will stand up and dry our tears with them and look towards those who laid the foundation for this slaughter: Janet Napolitano, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, and Barack Hussein Obama. And we will hold them accountable. In our next video, we will get into exactly how a group of anti-gun radicals put a plan into effect to hijack the Second Amendment and leave a path of dead bodies in its wake. And we will discover who carried out this perfidious plan.


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