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There are just a few short weeks until the presidential election, and most polls show a tight race nationally. While the mainstream news media is declaring President Obama significantly ahead in swing state polls, some analysts like Dick Morris of Fox News believe that the pollsters are skewing the data to give the incumbent an advantage.

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Whatever the exact poll numbers, almost everyone believes the outcome is still in doubt. Yet, with the situation in our country and throughout the world, this election should not be close at all. It is an outrage that GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney is not leading by a huge margin.

Our economy is horrible, the Middle East is in flames, our culture is in shambles, and race relations have deteriorated since Obama took office. In every important test, the President has not only failed, but made the situation much worse. He promised to cut the deficit in half, create more jobs, bring a greater measure of peace to the Arab World, and help heal a divided nation. In reality, the deficit has skyrocketed, jobs have decreased, the Arab World is in turmoil, and race relations are worsening as opposed to improving.

The liberal news media will not tell the true story, so it all rests on the Republican presidential candidate to set the record straight. On this measure, Governor Romney has been a failure. Sadly, he has been a very poor communicator in this race.

Gone is the candidate who eviscerated his Republican opponents in the primaries. Voters are now witnessing Romney playing the role of the “gentleman” in his match-up against Obama. Today, his campaign aides say he will adopt a “softer” tone to appeal to the moderate undecided voters.

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This is exactly the wrong strategy against the President. To win, Romney needs to take off the mitts and aggressively challenge Obama on his entire record, not just the economy. Governor Romney wants to focus strictly on economic matters; however, many other issues deserve attention and can be used to rally conservatives and Independents to his campaign.

Unfortunately, Romney has allowed the media to sidetrack his message with a variety of bogus issues, including the “bombshell” video taken at a Florida fundraising dinner in May.

In the video, Romney tells a small group of wealthy donors some basic facts about the electorate. To win, he will need to appeal to the undecided, independent voters. The ones not paying taxes are most likely in Obama’s camp. This supposedly controversial comment was misconstrued by the media into a statement that Romney does not care about 47% of the electorate. In reality, he was admitting that he cannot focus on that group of voters and needs to worry about those he can attract.

It is time that Romney stopped playing defense on issues such as his tax returns and started playing offense. He does not have a woeful record to defend; it is President Obama who should be on the defensive.

To woo undecided voters, Romney needs to convince them they are not better off under Obama and the country is not moving in the right direction. He needs to persuade voters to “fire” Obama and hire a new person, a candidate willing to take the country on a different course.

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