Surprise for Obama on White House ‘dialogue’ website



By Chelsea Schilling, World NET Daily



Barack Obama between flags SCThe entire transparency portion of the White House website on “open government dialogue” has been overrun with citizens calling on Barack Obama to release his elusive “long-form” birth certificate to establish his constitutional eligibility to serve as president.

The forums are open to the public for participation. Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND, has been urging those concerned about the issue to get involved.

As WND reported, on Sunday night only 30 percent of respondents in one forum demanded the president release the document. But that number exploded to nearly 80 percent after the public became aware of the White House resource.

Here’s your chance to tell the White House directly whether you think the birth certificate issue is important.

At the time of this report, more than 175 comments were posted to the forum, titled “Verifying eligibility to be president of the USA,” including the following:

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