Supremes keep record of rejecting eligibility cases perfect


It’s the unloved relative who just won’t go away, the chronic pain that annoys all the time or the gray that no amount of washing will take out of hair, only in the U.S. Supreme Court, it’s the Barack Obama eligibility issue.

The justices, meeting in conference last week, refused yet again even to hear arguments in a case involving the constitutional dispute, as they have for every other eligibility dispute that they’ve been presented with since before Obama’s election.

The most recent decision, announced today, involved the Keyes vs. Bowen case out of California. The court simply posted an online note that the petition for the justices to hear evidence on the arguments and clear up the cloud of uncertainly on the issue was denied.

The case had been brought by Gary Kreep of the United States Justice Foundation, who told WND he was disappointed.

“We were very hopeful that the Supreme Court would take the case to finally resolve the issue,” he said. But, “given the comments made by Justice Thomas and then others not on the Supreme Court we’re not terribly surprised.”

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