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Supreme Court to conference on Obama eligibility today


Photo Credit: Laura Padgett Creative Commons

Today, February 15, 2013, Attorney Orly Taitz brings her request to move the Obama eligibility challenge from conference to the oral hearing stage at the US Supreme Court.  She is moving forward in spite of the fact that four African-American Supreme Court clerks refused to allow Taitz to see the signature of Justice Anthony Kennedy, who denied her petition originally.  “But I resubmitted to Justice Roberts, and he sent it to the conference,” Taitz said.

The California attorney is asking “…how do we know that he (Kennedy) ever saw the brief?”  In no uncertain terms, clerk James Baldin told her that “I (Taitz) [was] not allowed to see the signature.”   This denial of her right to see Kennedy’s signature “does not make any sense.”  Perhaps her Russian ancestry and background knowledge of the suppression of citizens caused her to note similarities with DC police actions that blocked “more and more streets” during Obama’s State of the Union address. The group of eligibility challengers were pushed farther and farther away, making it impossible for the public to see or question those who attended the event.  When school students touring the buildings came up to the Taitz group to ask questions, their teacher was said to have made them leave!

The crux of the Taitz challenge to Barack Obama’s legitimacy to serve as US President involves the following charges: use of forged IDs and a stolen CT Social Security number; last name not legally his; fraudulent claim to being US Citizen; legal last name is SOEBARKAH on certified copy of passport records of Obama’s mother S. Ann Dunham (Taitz is presenting this passport evidence!); Obama’s Indonesian school records show his citizenship to be Indonesian; credible expert testimony by law enforcement individuals in sworn affidavits showing the birth certificate and selective service certificates are forged; the 2009 Social Security number on Obama’s tax returns failed both E-Verify and SSNVUS.

Also, Attorney Taitz is presenting evidence that  1 1/2 million invalid voter registrations were filed in the state of California!  She is asking US citizens to “please, write and fax SCOTUS and demand to see the order by Justice Anthony Kennedy, who allegedly originally denied my case Noonan v Bowen before it was sent by Justice Roberts to the conference.”  Is not this the very least we can do to attempt to clear up this matter?

Photo Credit: Laura Padgett (Creative Commons)

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