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The latest action by the state of Hawaii in the continuing saga of Barack Obama and his constant evolutionary metamorphosis leaves him a truly transformational figure, as the rest of us mere mortals are simply born, whereas he evolves.  When we last left off this sordid tale, we had postulated that Obama had a “certificate of live birth” by affidavit and that no official of the state of Hawaii had made any definitive statements about what his birth records contained from the Operation Sideshow series of articles.

That all changed thanks to Ken Bennett, the Secretary of State for the state of Arizona, when he requested that Hawaii submit verification to his office so that Obama would be placed on the ballot in Arizona.  This had come about by a request from the Surprise Arizona Tea Party as these citizens had requested he verify his citizenship and birth in the state of Hawaii.  He made his request per Hawaii Statute §338-18, which allows government officials to request verification and complete records of vital events in their official capacity of their office and incumbent duties.  Approximately two months ago, Mr. Bennett made this request; Hawaii has dragged their feet on the matter and at first made some noise about him not having any standing and their concern over possible identity theft.

Hawaii does not have the reasoning capacity to understand that Obama is a public figure with a recognizable face and visage, not to mention that he has already placed his so-called certified “certificate of live birth” into the public domain.  So, if anyone were to attempt such a crime, it would be self defeating. The objection of the state of Hawaii is frivolous and meritless and was simply ludicrous to stall for time; why is anyone’s guess.

The Hawaii Department of Health in fact produced a document on May 22nd that verifies certain features of the forgeries that Obama has foisted onto the nation and posted on the White House website.  First was his COLB and then his LFBC; the first document was immediately declared a forgery by numerous sources. The most notable was by Dr. Ron Polarik PhD., and for the LFBC by Maricopa County Sheriff’s office.  This most recent document bears the Seal of Dr. Alvin Onaka, the State Registrar; suffice it to say that we now have a definitive statement. However; the veracity is much the same as we concluded previously; it is questionable.

We are now at a point to discuss Hawaii and their latest foray into the constant evolution that is Obama.  How is it that he has the ability to get an entire state government to assist him in his constant artifice about his lineage and birthplace?  Let us now turn our attention to the actual document itself, the “Verification of Birth” sent to Ken Bennett on May 22, 2012.

Please open the above link in another tab or window, as we will be referring to this document as we discuss this newest development for Obama.  It starts with a reference to Mr. Bennett as the recipient, then the document is pursuant to Hawaii Statute §338-14.3. Lets take a moment and explore this statute:

§338-14.3  Verification in lieu of a certified copy.

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