Study Tries To Scientifically Link Homosexuality To Evolution


A molecular geneticist with Answers in Genesis says the media is misleading the public in reporting on a recent study suggesting a genetic connection to homosexuality.

A recent study by the National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis suggests that epigenetics, as opposed to genetics, explains homosexuality. Some media are suggesting it shows a link between homosexuality and genetics. But those media reports are wrong, according to Dr. Georgia Purdom of Answers in Genesis.

“First of all we need to realize that this basically is a mathematical model that the researchers have developed,” she explains. “From what I can understand, there’s been no biological assessment of this. It’s merely a model they’ve developed, and they want to test it in the future to see if this possibly could be some sort of link to homosexuality.”

Media headlines that the study provides a definitive link are misleading, she says, and the suggestion that homosexuality links to evolution in some way is false.

“Ultimately, homosexuality would mean that you could not sexually reproduce and have offspring — so how could that be any kind of proof of evolution? It would actually inhibit evolution, not progress it,” she points out.

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