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Stop Obamacare by doing nothing?


Stopping Obamacare by essentially doing nothing is worth considering. It makes the Left chase a constantly moving target, which will make rallying their troops very difficult. What do they protest when the process could so easily be manipulated to actually stop the implementation of the bill without a vote or a debate?

While it is difficult to determine exactly what is in Obamacare, there are a few sections that are settled. One thing for sure is that the federal government has to build “health insurance exchanges” for states that can’t or won’t make them for themselves. Since twenty-seven states joined in the effort to overturn Obamacare, it’s likely that at least two dozen or more won’t cooperate. If a Republican president and Republican-controlled Congress refuse to fund these exchanges, they won’t be created. In this case, the next president would have no obligation to order the funding.

The $1 billion that was appropriated for implementation will run out at the end of the year. Because the 2000-plus pages of the bill were written by several different people and groups, there is an obvious lack of coordination. When writing how to fund exchanges is everybody’s job, it is inevitably nobody’s job. Those who think this problem is small don’t understand how appropriations bills are passed. Even if the new Congress wanted to get the funding problem fixed, it could take several weeks to work out all of the “bugs.”

Since the bill passed without a final form, such “final form” needs to be worked out. The “rules” governing implementation of Obamacare have to be written and approved. These rules will not be ready until the next president is sworn in. A Republican would be in no hurry to request they be written. Obamacare could be stopped, and the Democrats wouldn’t be able to point to any particular “villain.”

This would, of course, bring on lots of lawsuits, but they could be managed into obscurity by a Republican-appointed Attorney General.

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