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In the upside down and flat earth (sorry Barack – we saw the real you first!) of the “progressive,” the environment is almost as important as pleasing the next despot. The EPA has usurped the task of defining responsible living and production to leave no stone unturned as they seek out polluters and warmers of the earth. They are determined to eliminate carbon from a carbonaceous life structure.

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No non-public employee union person or necessary process from growing food to supplying energy is exempt from their watchful eye. To make sure there is total compliance, they’ve taken thousands of pages of pretended asinine legislation from an ignorant and arrogant Congress and turned it into at least 75,000 new pages of clean air, water, energy, and other environmental regulations. Many make sense, but the methods of achievement violate every standard of human decency and responsibility, leading to disaster.

Do they know what’s in those mighty tomes? Not a chance! They were drafted far from the halls of government and foisted on unsuspecting legislators and their staffs. Rest assured, if there is an offender out there, they’ll throw enough darts at that pile of paper to extract regulations to fine, imprison, or confiscate to make a Soviet commissar pee in his or her pants.

Lawsuits, fines, and imprisonment are some of the tools despots use as they allegedly seek environmental purity from the top of the ruling dung pile. The common man or woman citizen of any age, wealth, position, or intelligence must lack the “progressive’s” intensity of dedication to the beauty of creation. The dialectical troglodyte is deeply troubled by his inoperative corpus collosum – that nerve bundle connecting the left and right brain hemispheres that make him human. It is all about power, isn’t it? Few ever consider that when they destroy that which they would hold sway over, all they have left to luxuriate is a rotting corpse and lost hope.

So, what is the missing word? STEWARDSHIP! Not unlike the “progressive” attitude toward Health, Education, and Welfare, the EPA believes that only big government can accomplish what the individual, the community, and a unified nation could not. They’ve even arranged it so that anyone who disagrees with their draconian tactics has no standing in Court. This is what the Supreme Court used to defeat California’s Proposition 8 – no standing because the state’s elected officials refused to represent the will of the people who elected them. Treason blessed by a corrupt judiciary?

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Stewardship has as many implications and applications as there are people with a love for beauty and the awesomeness of creation. Even the natural resources this earth is blessed with can and are being exploited and put to use in ever more responsible and profitable ways. I don’t have to go far from home to see the EPA’s sins in my own community.

1. A friend of mine 20+ years ago invented the oilfield horizontal boring tool that allows highly efficient and neat extraction of oil and natural gas. The troglodytes with George Soros money are campaigning to get that tool’s fractionating application outlawed.

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