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Stephanopoulos is moving from the familiar confines of ABC’s Washington-based Sunday-morning news show “This Week” to join the ever-reliable Robin Roberts and the rest of the “GMA” crew in New York. Some media critics have suggested that he will now have to tone down his aggressive, intellectual, no-nonsense broadcasting style to accommodate the informal, often-fluffy atmosphere of morning TV.


That might be the case at first, and I admit that I initially bought into that sort of thinking. But let’s turn the theory on its head. Once Stephanopoulos finds his footing, something entirely different might well take place. Maybe, just maybe, the other guys will have to start to copy Stephanopoulos’ news-first approach as a way to keep pace.

Of course, Stephanopoulos will have to bend just a bit to fit in and appease the viewers who don’t want Afghanistan shoved in their faces as they’re making breakfast and getting the kids ready for school. They’d prefer to watch something lighter, which is understandable.

The test for Stephanopoulos will be this: Can someone who prefers to discuss hard-hitting issues learn to show genuine interest in personalities and win the viewers’ trust?

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Photo credit: Tulane Public Relations (Creative Commons)

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