Ascribing to it the worst of motives, the Obama administration tried secretly to impose costly new regulations to expand Medicare under Obamacare. And nearly got away with it. Transparency, anyone? Not, apparently, from this administration.

Unbridled powers of bureaucrats to “make law” through rule-making — in effect, by regulatory fiat — is a scourge of our republic. Regulations abound on subjects great and small, promulgated by armies of invisible bureaucrats employed to “fill in the blanks” in loosely enacted legislation.

It is a sneaky way to “enact” a law covertly without actually (wink! wink!) enacting a law, often when nobody’s looking.

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Such was the case a regulation for “end-of-life” counseling to be paid by Medicare for the 65 and older crowd. (Disclosure: I am one of those codgers.) We with one foot presumably in the grave, apparently needed a little help with our “end of life” choices, on Medicare dollars.

By stealth regulation, not by legislation, invisible bureaucrats in the Dept. of Health & Human Services (HSS) attempted to fund counseling under the “end-of-life” label, through Medicare, thereby expanding the already overreaching Obamacare. They did so in secret, and almost got away with it.

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