Stay Positive and Win in 2012


Change? In 2007 I watched as millions were caught up in the promise of change. As I watched as listened, I kept wondering exactly what he meant by change. His words were rather vague, but his charisma grabbed huge numbers of individuals. He reminded me of a rock star. It didn’t matter what he really said because it was not his words that seemed to matter. What seemed to matter was the fact that he was young, different from any candidate before him and said exactly what a large number of people wanted to hear. When he was elected I said I would honor the office of president until he proved that he showed that he was not keeping the oath he had taken at his inauguration. Sadly, it did not take long for him to start “forgetting” the oath he taken that day. Not only had he forgotten the oath, but he also forgot about the many promises he had made during his campaign. The very promises that the millions of Americans had counted on him keeping.

This blog will keep track of the things that he is doing now and how the many past statements that the people believed and were later betrayed. Just recently he compared himself to Ghandi and Mandela. Let us not forget that he also said on 60 Minutes that he was the fourth best president in United States history? I could go on and on, but today will keep it short. Hopefully others will understand my reason for putting these things on this blog.

I only wish Andrew Breitbart was still alive to carry on the battle that he was fighting so well. I don’t think there will be another true patriot as great as Mr. Breitbart in my livetime and possibly ever if the current administration is allowed to continue their blantant disregard for this country. God bless Andrew and his family. It is a sad thing when such a great person leaves us. Hopefully there are others like him that will now step up to the plate and bring this country back to the nation it once was and still can be.


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