State programmer identifies template for Obama ‘forgery’


Barack Obama between flags SC

A prominent software engineer claims the Obama birth certificate released by the White House was forged by using as templates the birth certificates of twins born in Hawaii one day after the president.

The engineer, a high-level programmer for a state government, spoke on condition of anonymity but contends his analysis is self-evident. He previously, as WND reported, presented evidence that the signature of Obama’s mother on the president’s document is proof of fraud.

He believes forgers used the registration numbers of the birth certificates belonging to Gretchen and Susan Nordyke, 10637 and 10638, to create the Obama birth certificate number, 10641.

Exhibits 1 and 2 show the Nordyke twins’ birth certificate numbers in the original photostat format in which the Hawaii Department of Health released the documents to Mrs. Nordyke in 1966.

Exhibits 3 and 4 show Gretchen Carter Nordyke’s birth certificate number in a positive developed from the original Hawaii DOH-issued photostatic copy.

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