State of the Union 2013: Heritage Experts’ Analysis


Barack Obama 5 SC

During his speech tonight, President Obama, in a brief passage, pledged to provide the military with new capabilities. This pledge was brief because it included no specifics about the kinds of new capabilities he has in mind. This is not surprising for two reasons.

The first reason can be found in another topic of his speech, which was his touting of his achievement in withdrawing the U.S. military from Iraq and his commitment to withdrawing the military from Afghanistan. Clearly, President Obama is more interested in retrenching the military than building up its capabilities.

The second reason is the high priority President Obama has established for reducing the defense budget. Under his current budget proposal, provided about a year ago and that does not account for the looming impact of sequestration, the overall defense budget for the next fiscal year (2014) will be some 20 percent lower than what it was in 2010. The fact is that his defense budget will not provide enough funding for the research and development and procurement programs necessary to provide the military more advanced capabilities.

– Baker Spring

Iran Nuclear Issue Glossed Over

President Obama devoted only two sentences to Iran’s nuclear challenge, perhaps the most urgent national security issue in 2013. He said that “the leaders of Iran must recognize that now is the time for a diplomatic solution, because a coalition stands united in demanding that they meet their obligations. And we will do what is necessary to prevent them from getting a nuclear weapon.”

But Tehran remains defiant and is unlikely to make concessions merely because “a coalition remains united.” That did not stop North Korea from gaining a nuclear weapon, and Iran is a much bigger and stronger country.

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