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State-Controlled Mainstream Media?

Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh blithely calls the mainstream media “state-controlled,” as if the White House Press Corps, AP, UPI, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc. were some giant Soviet Politburo directed by Obama.
Of course we all experienced the slanted coverage in the 90s of the Bill Clinton fiasco, with accusations from women across the country rising like a whack-the-mole game. Sadly, these women, from Gennifer Flowers to Paula Jones to Kathleen Willey, were to be suppressed and referred to as whores by the mainstream media. Then Monica Lewinsky came forward, stating that Clinton had committed some rather inappropriate acts in the Oval Office. Hillary Clinton’s charge of a “vast right wing conspiracy” directed at her husband was vociferously echoed by the mainstream media. Of course, we later found out it was all true, down to the cigar and blue dress. But this does not rise to a state-controlled mainstream media, does it?
In 2008, when McCain was running on the Republican ticket for President, there was this strange, bubbling question of his eligibility due to the fact that he was born in the Panama Canal Zone. Various mainstream media sources questioned McCain’s natural-born status, blatantly ignoring Obama’s more pressing question of natural-born status, his father being a Kenyan and a subject of the United Kingdom, and Obama being listed as an Indonesian citizen in school records. But this does not rise to a state-controlled mainstream media, does it?
As the “birthers” were swooping down upon McCain, a mainstream media smear job began against Sarah Palin. Although she had been a hockey mom,  no one had discovered how STUPID she was, so they said. When she was a mayor and brought the city of Wasilla to grow by leaps and bounds,  when she ran the Alaska Oil and Gas Commission and got the political crooks out of the game,  and when she was Governor of Alaska with an approval rating of ninety percent, strangely, the hundreds of thousands of people who had voted for and supported her were just not aware of her stupidity (so they said). Of course, the mainstream media’s portrayal of Sarah Palin was and is a lie, this being our first taste of what we would learn to be a smear job. But this does not support the charge of a state-controlled mainstream media, does it?
When Herman Cain was rising exponentially in the GOP polls, the mainstream media had first charged that he was stupid like Sarah Palin. They charged him to be a sell-out to African-Americans, a “minstrel.” They called him a racist. Yet all this time, his poll numbers continues to rise. Then they pulled out the big guns, whereby a series of “stories” surfaced: anonymous women with vague charges of sexual harassment. Politico ran almost one hundred stories about these allegations in a single week, subsequently having little to say about more substantiated subjects such as Fast and Furious, Solynda, or the other endless corruptions within the Obama administration.  But, oddly, his numbers continued to rise. The mainstream media then pulled out all the stops, relentlessly splashing the faces and stories of Sharon Bialek and Ginger White across every website, every TV screen, and every radio outlet. Mission accomplished; Cain dropped out of the race. Of course the accusers strangely and suddenly disappeared also. But this does not support the charge of a state-controlled mainstream media, does it?
By this time, we had all come to the conclusion that the facade of an objective mainstream media had been dropped. We could still rely on Fox News to a certain extent. We could rely on Drudge Report, National Review, and all the other conservative outlets. But enter Newt Gingrich. The Republican establishment made no bones about Romney being their man, but we never expected conservative media outlets to take on the Alinsky attack mode of the mainstream media. Almost in unison, Drudge Report and National Review attacked Gingrich regarding his statements of his relationship with and support of Ronald Reagan. After the initial Drudge Report and National Review assault, it quickly seethed on much of conservative media, subsequently being parroted by the mainstream media. This shocked most conservatives that, like the mainstream media’s tactics, there had been a relentless orchestrated attack against Newt Gingrich—a political version of what had been heaped upon Herman Cain. But even this does not support the charge of a state-controlled mainstream media, does it?
But when five hundred thousand people gathered for the pro-life March for Life rally in D.C. January 23, there was little if any coverage from the mainstream media. In fact, they covered the dozen or so pro-choice protesters. Therefore, we must come to the conclusion that Rush Limbaugh is right: We have a state-controlled mainstream media.
So, when the state-controlled media’s smear job of Newt Gingrich comes to fruition, then they can move on to the next target: Rick Santorum.
Kris Zane is editor-in-chief of The Obama Files

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