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Many in the Arab world were enraged after the murder of sixteen Afghan civilians by U.S. Army sniper Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, and, on the other side of the world, many in America were equally enraged that the first thing out of Secretary of Defense Panetta’s mouth was that the soldier could face a “possible death penalty.”

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No one condones what Mr. Bales did. There is that photo of a man looking into the camera, tears in his eyes, with a small Afghan child dead by his side, his little hands peeking out from an old blanket. But for an Obama Administration that has routinely lied and covered up about not sixteen innocents being murdered, but hundreds—we are referring to Fast and Furious here—and no one in the Administration blathering about “death penalty,” is a little hypocritical to say the least, and most would call sickening. We know of at least three hundred innocent Mexican citizens that were murdered by weapons that were put in the hands of Mexican drug cartels by our own government. Panetta hasn’t been trotting around the globe wringing his hands about them.

What about Border Patrol agent Brian Terry and ICE agent Jaime Zapata murdered with these same weapons? Not only has no one dribbled about the death penalty for their murderers—the American people, and more pointedly their families, simply want answers as to who was responsible for what happened.

Obama found time in his busy schedule to phone Sandra Fluke to offer support about her birth control needs, but neither Obama nor Eric Holder ever bothered to call the Terry or Zapata family to offer a simple apology for arming those who murdered their sons. In one of the many hearings before Congress where Holder stammered out equivocations and lies, he was asked if he had ever bothered to phone the Terry family to apologize. His response was no, to which Congress and the American people were shocked and led to Holder sending a letter to the Terry family, to which he conveniently leaked to the press before the family received it, to publicize his apparent contrition.

You want to talk about rage? The American people are feeling rage right now. It is an open secret to everyone in America that Fast and Furious weapons were allowed to walk so that Barack Obama’s phony statistic given in April of 2009 that 90% of the weapons used in Mexican drug cartel-related murders come from U.S. gun shops would be substantiated. It is an open secret that the Obama administration was going to use this “fact” to ramp up the regulations for U.S. gun purchases. And for those of us “conspiracy theorist,” would then lead to a disarming of America.

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Yes, there is rage in America. We have an obviously rogue Administration that does what it wants, when it wants. “If Congress won’t act, I will,” is Obama’s battle cry. Obama not only ignores Congress, but Panetta declared on March 7 that his Commander-in-Chief not only does not need to get approval from Congress to go to war, but that NATO and the UN trump Congress!

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