Special Alert: BBC Mideast Editor Guilty of Inaccuracy on Israel


Honest Reporting

Photo Credit: kudumomo Creative Commons


For many years, HonestReporting has criticized the BBC’s veteran reporter and Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen for his anti-Israel bias. Now the BBC itself agrees.

As reported by major UK newspapers, including The Guardian, The Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent and Daily Mail as well as by the BBC itself, the BBC Trust, which oversees complaints to the British state broadcaster, has ruled that Bowen’s coverage of Israel in an article on the BBC’s Web site and a radio broadcast was partially inaccurate and that aspects of the Internet article lacked impartiality

In a piece Bowen wrote for the BBC website last June under the headline “Six days that changed the Middle East,” about the Six Day War, which was criticized at the time by HonestReporting UK, Bowen referred to “Zionism’s innate instinct to push out the frontier”. He also wrote that Israel showed a “defiance of everyone’s interpretation of international law except its own” and that its generals felt that they were dealing with “unfinished business”, left over from the 1948 War of Independence. These references were deemed inaccurate or lacking impartiality by the BBC Trust:

Photo Credit: kudumomo (Creative Commons)


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