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Conspiracy theorists had a field day with the Oklahoma City bombing, finding that all roads lead to Eric Holder, and again he finds himself smack dab in the middle of shipping guns to Mexican drug cartels.

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What could keep a conspiracy theorist busier than a government that shipped thousands of guns to criminals in order to push a ban on assault rifles?

The Colorado massacre.

Are Eric Holder and the Community-Organizer-in-Chief involved?

Who knows.

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But if you took the JFK assassination, the Oklahoma City bombing, Fast and Furious, and mixed it all together with every conspiracy theory that walks this Earth, nothing would come close to the James Holmes, lone-wolf Colorado shooter narrative that has been shoved down our throats.

The fact that witnesses state that Holmes had an accomplice, the fact that police dispatch audio shows that they were looking for multiple shooters, the fact that a gas mask was found several hundred feet away from where Holmes was apprehended, the fact that Holmes while appearing in court didn’t look like he could tie his shoes let alone singly shoot dozens of people—all of this is small potatoes compared to what follows.

As bloggers were trying to play tit-for-tat with the liberal media in tying Holmes with the Tea Party, many bloggers on the right were trying to tie Holmes with Obama’s socialist army, the Occupy freaks.

There was a video of an Occupy San Diego man with a bulletproof vest that was purported to be Holmes, but obviously wasn’t. There was a photo from October of 2011 showing an Occupy New York member being carried away by police that appeared to look like the Holmes “Joker” photo.

As I was comparing Holmes’ college ID photo—this was the photo released the day after the massacre—with his “Joker” photo—this was the photo released by TMZ that they found on an Adult sex site—and the Occupy New York photo, I became completely confused because none of the photos matched. I’m not real great at distinguishing faces, so I took the word of a blogger who ran facial recognition software and found the Occupy New York photo and “Joker” photo matched.

Then on Saturday (July 28), a blogger compared the “Joker” mug shot (that had been released by then) with Holmes’ college ID photo, splitting each down the middle and putting part of the photos on each side.

The result was startling: James Holmes the college student was not the same person as James Holmes the “Joker.” The nose was completely different. The lips were different. The “Joker’s” left ear had an anomaly that stuck out unnaturally.

They were different people!

And it didn’t end there. The huge Libor banking scandal happened to be connected to James Holmes’ father, Robert Holmes, in which as part of a company called FICO, he had developed the algorithm/computer program that caught the banking cartels’ fingers in the cookie jar and was scheduled to appear before Congress, which is expected to show trillions of dollars being sifted away from the world economy.

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