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Somebody Check the Water in Washington D.C.


I was watching my favorite cable news channel last night, and something happened that made me question my sanity. I then realized that it wasn’t me that nuts, but a good deal of the politicos occupying our nation’s capital. What caused me such angst, you might ask? How about this? Our nation is heading for a major economic disaster if Congress allows the Bush era tax cuts to expire and the student loan rate to double, and the President is asking to raise the debt ceiling again when back last August, he and Congress supposedly took care of that problem until AFTER the election. We have the Internal Revenue Service giving illegals about $4.2 BILLION in America taxpayer money for lying to us about their tax deductions. Plus, just recently, a young Hispanic girl just received a refund of $2.1 MILLION on income she never had!

We have an Attorney General, Eric Holder Jr., who refuses to cooperate with Congress on a number of issues, including the botched gun-walking operation that left 2 American border agents dead, along with thousands of Mexican nationals. This occured because the guns ended up in the hands of Mexico’s deadly drug cartels. Holder, who has been stonewalling Congress for about a year and a half now, wants to “compromise” with Congress so (it is believed) that this scandal reveals NOTHING until AFTER this November’s election. Holder’s Department of Justice has also just assigned itself the task of investigating some VERY serious intelligence leaks that many believe came out of the Obama White House. Holder assigned two of his DOJ attorneys, one of which is an Obama political supporter, after having said there is no need for a “special counsel”. That move is kind of like a fox making a deal with a gullible farmer to let his two sons watch over the farmer’s hen house and guarantee no more chicken thefts. Yeah right, they will just eat ’em in house.

(And don’t even get me started on Obama’s bailout of illegal immigrants announced yesterday.)

I digress….sorry. What got me going on this? Harry Reid and some other politicos call for a hearing about a prize fight! We have a President who gets on television and tells the nation that the “economy is just fine.”  The private sector is doing just fine? Somebody must be having a sidewalk sale at the Washington mall on kool-aid in rose colored glasses! Obama still blames Bush beause none of his economic stimulus has worked, and the President of the United States doesn’t even understand economics 101, and Harry Reid is torqued about a prize fight?!

Let me tell you, fight fans, that I do sympathize with you about the decision in that title fight. Just like sports fans of all generations, we get our nose out of joint if something doesn’t go well with our favorite team or athlete. However, with the condition of our country’s economy, the jobless rate, our ungodly deficit and national debt, Obama showing the love for illegals, plus what these recent intelligence leaks have done to our relationships with our allies (not to mention encouraging our enemies), I believe Harry Reid and Congress have more important things to work on than who won a prize fight and why.

Let the Nevada Gaming Commission figure it out, people, and you do the job that we are paying you to do. Maybe in November, we can help give you plenty of free time to pursue your sports activities if you find your job too much of a grind? I think that I can safely say that we taxpayers are running out of patience with the money that you are making for the days per year that you work and not getting serious about tackling any of our major problems. I listened to Harry Reid talking to this host as if he were crying to his bookie about how much money he lost because the fight didn’t turn out the way he thought it should. Lose some money on the fight, did we Harry?

We seriously need to put some adults in leadership positions in Washington D.C. if we ever hope to accomplish anything. The sandbox fights, the power trips, the callouness towards spending taxpayer money, and the corruption have got to end with this election. A prize fight that didn’t turn out the way that some powerful people thought it should have pushed aside all the really urgent and vitally important actions that are needed to get this country and its people back on their feet. What the hell is in your water, Mr. Reid? If you people use the same water for your kool-aid, then no wonder you are all a mess in D.C.

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