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Somber New Years Message: End White Guilt Trip!


America was founded by White people.

Everybody okay with that? I hope nobody’s feelings were hurt. Everyone else contributed to our national project; but this one obvious fact gets intentionally overlooked by socialist revisionists.

Slavery is a non-issue to me. I understand its inhumanity but also acknowledge the humanity of abolitionists (then and now) who rose to end it.

The American identity began with one color but now includes all colors. The Obama orthodoxy seems powered by White guilt as much as multi-ethnic socialism.

My advice to America’s shrinking majority is clear: end your passage on the White guilt trip. Socialists use this as leverage to ultimately destroy what America offers to everyone.

None of you living ever owned a slave, so spare me oh so “noble” liberal noblesse oblige where you hold our collective hand for generations.

America’s Black capitalists are disinterested in emotional blackmail. We’re striving to earn all America offers and unite with her shrinking majority to institute equal rights- not special ones.

A Black/White unity based upon American exceptionalism will save this country from race warfare predicted by observers on both sides of the aisle.

If we don’t settle old ethnic business arising, our present and future will resemble European or African poverty more than America’s previous high standard of living.

On the right side of the political spectrum is where this unity grows. Black and White American traditionalists are alarmed by how the hammer and sickle shadows Old Glory under this current administration.

United by love of an embattled constitution, an embattled Judeo-Christian ethic, and an embattled free market, Black and White traditionalists finally see as each for what they always were:


Our shared beliefs were painfully forged by uniting slave master and slave, slave catcher and run away, confederacy and union, and segregationist and integrationist until, by the grace of Almighty God, we finally stand as American sisters and brothers.

The Left is our common enemy.

All of our tortured path to traditionalist unity is in vain if secular socialism conquers America.

We can either be adults and delete un-American guilt and grievance politics, or watch these divisions ease in a second Soviet Union.

This my somber New Years message to White sisters and brothers in traditional Americanism.

Urge peers to end passage on the White guilt trip and unite with American sisters and brothers who’ve hopped off the Black grievance express.

Didn’t mean to be a downer; but if we don’t save American traditions, then we can’t have an America worth celebrating.

Happy New Year!


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