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I recently received an email that  said: “The question of the year!!! We are always hearing about how Social Security is going to run out of money. How come we never hear about Welfare running out of money? What’s interesting is the first group worked for their money .. the second group did not.”

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This observation is so simple that it is profound. All legal Americans have paid into our so-called Social Security “trust fund” for decades. This is NOT a VOLUNTARY contribution. It is a mandatory deduction from the paycheck of every legal American for the duration of their employment path through life in America.

It is becoming more clear to me why so many younger Americans have simply decided it is both easier and more profitable for them to just “fall through the cracks” (where the embracing arms of liberalism are waiting to take care of them forever – in exchange for selling their moral souls) than for them to try to actually “make it on their own.”

For many years, our elected ‘representatives’ told us that our involuntary Social Security contributions were placed in a safe “lock box,” which could not be touched or spent to meet current budgetary needs. As we all (at least the remaining ‘taxpayers’) know, our government lied to us. Oh my gosh, what a shock.

There has never been a Social Security ‘lock box.’ All of our paycheck deductions have always gone into the general fund, to be spent as our Congress decrees.

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The cold, calculated, political reality is that for decades, we have snoozingly sat by without questioning anything being done by our so-called ‘elected officials’ (supposedly) “on our behalf.” End result? I think we have been prostituted (aka: ‘screwed’) for several decades during our costly national nap. I do not speak from an “agenda” slanted in favor of either ‘major’ political party. I have little use for either one.

The federal government was supposedly ‘shut down,’ which means that, in real terms, the non-essential federal employees were on temporary furlough. That brings up a question and a reality check for the taxpayers. IF these people are “non-essential,” then I guess I am just a bigot or TEA Party ‘radical’ for simply asking WHY they are on our payroll in the first place?

This series of thoughts started with a question about why the political game always brings up the ‘fear tactic’ about Social Security “running out of money,” without ever asking why WELFARE isn’t on the brink of “running out of money.” This is an extremely valid question.

The current story says that the ‘cost-of-living’ increase for Social Security recipients will be the lowest since the ‘projection’ started in (I think) 1976. I disagree with that analysis. Social Security recipients “enjoyed” (how funny is that??) THREE YEARS of no so-called cost-of-living “adjustments.”

This administration played the “shutdown card” for all it was worth; and how pathetic is it that it is ALWAYS somebody else’s fault? This has been the mindset of our “leader” since the beginning. Thanks to his lack of real leadership, we are a whole lot worse off than we were when our current president came into office blaming Bush, the GOP, Wall Street – ANYBODY but himself – for the friggin’ mess in which we now find ourselves.

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