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Smoking Liberal Crack


Nadra Enzi

My Hood conservative experience includes real-life zombies and their victimizers, mutually addicted to the same chemical weapon deployed to further destroy the inner city.

Liberal critics whine that I pick on urban crackheads and their victimizers, crack dealers. In the spirit of fellowship, I’ll now address its political form: liberal crack.

Liberalism is the most potent form of crack known to man.

Once hooked, you sell your soul, family, earning capacity, and vote so you can get another hit of the programs they push.

The Democrat Party could be renamed the Demo-crack party for its addictive policies.

President Obama hasn’t fielded policies that boost job creation, but he has boosted the number of Americans on food stamps and unemployment insurance.

Once addicted, abject fear of being cut off drives them to vote Democrat even if Satan himself is on the ballot, which is what conservatives have accused for years.

So I despise them all: sidewalk zombies, street dealers, suite dealers (program-pushing politicians), and undead voters chasing the next hit.

Smoking liberal crack, in its many forms, is the worst thing any American can do.

Just look at the Hood if you doubt me.


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