Skeptics say Middle East attacks organized


Pressure is increasing for Congress to conduct its own independent investigation into last week’s attacks on diplomatic posts in Egypt and Libya as lawmakers and even Libya’s president dispute the Obama administration’s assertion that the attacks were merely mob violence spawned by an offensive film.

An FBI team is on the ground investigating in Libya, where the attack left four Americans, including Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens dead, and the State Department has said it wants to wait until agents complete their inquiry before saying more.

But restlessness is growing on Capitol Hill, where one senator said the Obama administration explanation “defies common sense,” and where senators from both parties have said the attack on a diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya, has the marks of a terrorist attack.

“It is imperative that Congress conduct an investigation into this matter, as the two scenarios are vastly different in terms of scope and depth,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Republican. “A planned and coordinated assault points loudly to a security lapse, and the problems associated with such a scenario are much deeper than a violent riot over a film.”

Two other Republican senators have introduced legislation that would force a report to Congress, and Sen. Bill Nelson, a Florida Democrat who is on the Senate intelligence committee, last week called for that panel to open an investigation into the Libyan attack, saying he wanted to know what role al Qaeda or its affiliates may have played.

Read More at The Washington Times. By Stephen Dinan and Guy Taylor.


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