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Signs of Life from America’s True Conservatives


Photo Credit: Hoffman Estates, IL

Two events this week should encourage and inform Americans who are determined to restore and preserve the constitutional liberty of their country. The national leadership of the Boy Scouts of America postponed the decision to admit practicing homosexuals into the ranks and leadership of the Scouting movement. They reacted to precursory tremors that signaled intense opposition from the organization’s grass-roots constituency and seriously foreshadowed its dissolution. Meanwhile, on the more explicitly political front, adverse reaction to Karl Rove’s move to wage open political warfare against the GOP’s grass-roots conservative base led him hastily to withdraw behind deceitful professions out of respect for their conservative views.

Along with the intense grass-roots opposition roused by Obama’s assault on the Second Amendment, these signs of courageous life from America’s rank-and-file conservatives convey critically important information about the depth and strength of support for America’s moral and political institutions. They put the lie to the elitist faction media’s determined effort to conceal the fact that those seeking to dissolve the fabric of America’s moral and political life are an elitist minority. They are out of touch with the large segment of Americans who believe in God’s moral authority and the provisions for individual rights and constitutional self-government that arise from it.

However, the BSA and Rove episodes also confirm the insidious, intractable nature of the forces that are now threatening to impose their regressive elitist views on people they now regard as recalcitrant subjects, rather than free citizens. The BSA’s policy prohibiting homosexuality in the Scouting movement enjoyed strong support from many of the people who participate in the movement, as well as many others who admired the organization’s integrity. It was more than holding its own against the gay lobby’s specious efforts to coerce people into accepting, as a good model for their children, behavior that good conscience requires them to condemn.

The sudden move to collapse the BSA’s thus far successful moral stand apparently came about because of pressure from large corporate donors. Having infiltrated the organization’s decision-making structure with their largesse, they threatened to withdraw their money unless the BSA caved to the pressure of the homosexual lobby. In effect, they weaponized their largess, turning it into an instrument of organizational destruction. They then used this weapon to terrorize the BSA’s decision makers. Either the BSA would abandon the moral identity that gave substance to the reputation it had built upon over more than a century of service to the nation’s moral strength, or the corporate money barons would withhold the financial fix that supports the organization’s materially high standard of living.

As usual, I’m struck by the way experience confirms the wisdom of Jesus Christ. He bluntly warned people of faith that “you cannot serve God and mammon.” First folks let themselves get hooked on a diet of food offered to the idols of material security, comfort and pleasure. Then they find that they have fallen prey to a Hobson’s choice that takes God’s course off the menu. That may be of no consequence to people who see and care for nothing in life that cannot be measured in material terms. But for people who have defined and dedicated their lives to activities and institutions built on moral and spiritual grounds, life in opposition to God-informed conscience is not life but living death.

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Photo Credit: Hoffman Estates, IL (Creative Commons)


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