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“Shot Down”: Tragedy Strikes Another Malaysian Airlines Flight-295 Dead

The last known position was over Ukrainian airspace...


According to early reports, a Malaysian Airlines passenger flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down in eastern Ukraine early Thursday morning, causing a crash that killed all 295 on board.

An adviser to the Ukrainian minister of the interior reported the cause, according to a report by The Independent.

The flight, MH17, was reportedly a Boeing 777 that was scheduled to fly over Russia during the trip; however, it crashed just short – about 20 miles – of reaching that nation.

According to early reports, the area in which the flight crashed has been defined by significant violence between Russian and Ukrainian forces as the countries’ leaders battle for control.

A Malaysian Airlines spokesperson is set to issue a more detailed statement on the crash later today. The crash comes months after another Malaysian Airlines flight disappeared, resulting in an ongoing search for its now-missing fuselage.

Photo Credit: Twitter/FoxNews


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