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Sheriff Joe withstands death threats


Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore Creative Commons

Just how much more can one man take?  America’s real sheriff (the one doing what his constituents have asked him to do), Sheriff Joe Arpaio, has received a threat against his life in the form of a violent online rant sent from Mexico even as he lies hospitalized with a broken left shoulder. The 80-year old Republican peace officer also faces a fall recall after he was elected to an historic sixth term in November! And Arizona is bracing for more crime resulting from the release of 300 to 500 illegal aliens into the state’s southern border area as Eric Holder and his Department of Justice ignore their sworn duty to protect American citizens threatened daily by hordes of invaders. Of course, many believe the number of released illegals will be closer to 2000, with their being back on the street having been conveniently blamed on the sequester.

An individual identified online as an American citizen and Arizona resident made the following violent threat according to Sheriff Joe’s appeal for help:  “He (Sheriff Joe) should see the color of his skin and where he comes from. . .stupid mother******. . .let’s KILL HIM.  I will kill him for FREE.  I am going to AZ to kill that a..hole!”  Now another thug has sent a message attacking the octogenarian lawman who has spent over 50 years serving his fellowman.   “Hopefully, infection will set in,” says the thug.  Just how low will this man’s opponents go in their effort to bring him down? If recall leader William James Fisher is successful in obtaining over 335,000 valid voter signatures by May 30, the Maricopa County Sheriff and his Office will have to face another political battle.

Keep in mind here that Sheriff Joe is the ONLY American law enforcement officer who answered the call of constituents to investigate the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s citizenship and the apparent forgery of the birth certificate released by the White House as “official” in 2011.  More death threats came in after the intensive investigation into birth certificate forgeries by the Cold Case Posse.  “I’m listening to my constituents; they asked me to look at it,” Arpaio says.  At least 150 lawsuits nationwide and 24 legal appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court by ordinary citizens and Americans worried about our country’s national security have been rebuffed by our judiciary, Congress, politicians, and other law enforcement entities nationwide.  Only Sheriff Joe and his Cold Case Posse investigators led by senior analyst Mike Zullo have had the fortitude to press forward against enormous odds in this crisis of Presidential Legitimacy!

The indomitable patriot sent an instant message from his hospital bed saying he is relieved the injury was to his left shoulder, not his right, so he can still operate his “Smith & Wesson and Smith Corona,” referring to his gun and his typewriter!

“I need your help now more than ever,” reads Sheriff Joe’s press release to CiR.  And we need to answer his call yet again.  You can go to or write him at Sheriff Joe Arpaio Campaign, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, 100 West Washington, Suite 1900, Phoenix, AZ 85003.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons)

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