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Sheriff Joe Arpaio Endorses Joe Miller In Campaign Call To Alaska Voters

"But Joe Miller will stop the nonsense.”


As Alaska’s primary election approaches, U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller recently scored a major boon to his campaign with an automated call recorded by Marciopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The Arizona lawman, often referred to as America’s toughest sheriff, has been at the forefront of the ongoing effort to secure America’s border with Mexico. Although Miller is far removed from the stream of illegals crossing into the U.S. on a daily basis, he has often expressed the belief that lax border security and law enforcement poses a danger to all Americans.

It is Miller’s dedication to fighting amnesty that garnered significant praise in Arpaio’s call.

“You know, our borders are busted,” he said. “and Washington does nothing. But Joe Miller will stop the nonsense.”

He contrasted Miller’s position with the stated policies of his Republican rivals, Mead Treadwell and Dan Sullivan.

“Joe Miller is the only candidate for Senate with a plan to secure our border to stop illegal invasion,” he explained.

The 30-second call included a few policy proposals Miller supports to achieve that goal.

“Joe will end taxpayer benefits to illegals and foreign aid to nations encouraging illegal immigration,” Arpaio said, “and finish the border fence.”

The spot ends with the sheriff declaring Miller “Alaska’s best choice for U.S. Senate.”

Although Arpaio is one of Miller’s most recognizable supporters, he has gathered a number of endorsements in recent weeks. Many have cited his firm pro-life stance as a primary reason Alaskans should elect him to square off against Democrat incumbent Mark Begich in the upcoming general election.

Fellow Alaskan and Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin also added her name to the list of Miller’s supporters on Friday in a written statement she sent to Fox News.

“Vote for Joe Miller on Tuesday,” she wrote, “and shake off the liberal stronghold so we can get on the right track.”

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