Sharpton to meet with FCC in effort to censor Limbaugh


Reverend Al Sharpton appeared on MSNBC on Monday and talked about his upcoming meetings at the FCC that he hopes will result in throwing talk radio host Rush Limbaugh off the airwaves.

“We’re not telling Rush don’t say what you want to say, say it at home, not on public airwaves,” he concluded.

It is remarkable Reverend Sharpton is touting a phrase so often used by those who seek to censor Judeo-Christian activity or themes from the public square. However, it is hardly shocking he expressed himself this way.

After all, even as someone who calls himself a man of God, Rev. Sharpton, like most liberals, equate political views to religious beliefs. His call for the FCC to dump Mr. Limbaugh is not the first time someone has tried to muzzle the famous talk radio host.

After being named an honorary member of the 1994 House Republican freshman, the Clinton administration went to war with Mr. Limbaugh and failed to silence the radio talk show host. Is it any wonder after devastating losses in the House this year that former DNC Chair Howard Dean and West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller, a Democrat, are calling to remove a network like Fox News off the air as well?

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